COLD LAUNDRY is a London based contemporary brand run by a couple Ola and Cerise.Cold Laundry Clothing was created to bring quality contemporary clothing to the world at an attainable and ethical price.According to the founders the brand was formed with the intention to bridge the gap and offer customers a product that they could be proud to wear knowing it was ethically sourced and manufactured and also made with love and care.

“We wanted to break the negative stigma attached to fast fashion by consciously making decisions to say no to unfair trade practices making our manufacturing process as clean and earth friendly as possible”

The meaning of Cold Laundry stems from the name given to unethical manufacturing practices (sweat Shops) which endanger and exploit the lives of factory workers around the world who are the biggest assets to million dollar company infrastructure’s, but yet get the most exploited.

So Cold Laundry is a play on words from the (Sweat Shop) tag line, which means there no sweat from Cold which , so you can be rest assured that their clothes which one day will become your laundry has come from an ethical conscious fashion house.Cold Laundry have a physical store located at Boxpark Shoreditch in London.


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